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  1. I got a wash there tonight and the dryer didn’t come on for my wash and I mistakenly thought the wash I purchased came with the dryer option and was surprised when it was over that the dryer did not come on, so as I pulled out, I asked a worker there if it should have come on and he informed me that it wasn’t included in that wash. At the same time a nice lady came over and introduced herself as the owner and asked if I would like it hand dried by her since I didn’t get what I thought I purchased. She did a very good job and more importantly, she made the customer happy when she didn’t have to as it was my mistake. That type of service is rare these days and that’s the same service I provide my clients as a Financial Advisor in the Financial Services business for 30 yrs, so I really appreciated her service to me by going above and beyond to make a customer happy. It really makes a difference and separates her from other businesses. I will use this business in the future soley on my experience today because like I said, that rarely happens these days and it deserves recognition. So I say “Job well done”!

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