Soft Touch

State-of-the-art technology, Soft Touch was developed by engineers specializing for 50 years* in the best car washes. The Neoglide brushes were specially designed for Soft Touch, and made from “closed cell foam material” that delivers a gentle, trace-free thorough cleaning and a phenomenal brightening effect.

$10 EXPRESS WASH:  Begins with alkalizing Pre-Soak, Full Water Rinse, followed by Spot-Free Rinse.  An economical way to get your vehicle cleaned quickly and efficiently.  No dryer on this wash.

$11 STANDARD WASH: Adds Side Panels & Tire Blast, and Clear Coat Protectant Wax before the final Spot-Free rinse. No dryer on this wash.

$13 PREMIUM WASH:  Adds a 20-second Undercarriage & Side Wash which removes road dirt and corrosive salt.  Drive slowly as you enter the bay for full effect. This wash ends with a Two-Pass Power Dry with the Gale Force dryer.

$15 ULTIMATE WASH:  Adds Wheel Cleaning Chemicals, Triple Foam Shampoo, and ends with Three-Pass Power Dry with the Gale Force dryer.